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Here at Albermarle Counseling Group

Our mission is to provide a wide array of high quality counseling and psychological services to our clients and the Albemarle region through timely and effective psychotherapy, psychodiagnostic, liaison, and consultation services. We want you to invest in yourself.

Who We Serve

Children ● Adolescents ● Adults ● Geriatrics ● Groups ● Couples ● Families ● Military ● The schools ● The medical community ● Employees ● Employers

General Questions

Counseling can involve short-term problem resolution or longer, more intensive psychotherapy. It can be useful to those with mild difficulty in their lives as well as those with more serious or longstanding problems. A variety of concerns, such as relationships, self-image, depression, values, and eating disorders can be discussed in counseling.

From childhood through late adulthood, there are certain times when we may need help addressing problems and issues that cause us emotional distress or make us feel overwhelmed. When you are experiencing these types of difficulties, you may benefit from the assistance of an experienced, trained professional. Professional counselors offer the caring, expert assistance that we often need during these stressful times. A counselor can help you identify your problems and assist you in finding the best ways to cope with the situation by changing behaviors that contribute to the problem or by finding constructive ways to deal with a situation that is beyond your personal control. Professional counselors offer help in addressing many situations that cause emotional stress, including, but not limited to:

– Anxiety, depression, and other mental and emotional problems and disorders

– Family and relationship issues

– Sexual abuse and domestic violence

– Eating disorders

– Career change and job stress

– Social and emotional difficulties related to disability and illness

– Adapting to life transitions

– The death of a loved one

– Spend 5 out of 7 days feeling unhappy

– Regularly cannot sleep at night

– Are taking care of a parent or a child and the idea crosses your mind that you may want to hit that person

– Place an elder in a nursing home or in alternative care

– Have lost someone or something (such as a job)

– Have a chronic or acute medical illness

– Can no longer prioritize what is most important in your life

– Feel that you can no longer manage your stress

Counseling services are confidential. We will not give any information to anyone without your written consent. Our records are defined as confidential medical records by both state and federal law. We keep records for seven years, and then they are shredded. There are a few exceptions to the rules of confidentiality. These include cases of child or elder abuse or neglect, court orders to release information, or situations where we believe the client is a serious and immediate danger to self or others. Please feel free to discuss your questions about privacy and confidentiality with your counselor.

Ideally, counseling is terminated when the problem that you pursued counseling for becomes more manageable or is resolved. However, some insurance companies and managed care plans may limit the number of sessions for which they pay. You should check with your health plan to find out more about any limitations in your coverage. During the first few counseling sessions your counselor should also discuss the length of treatment that may be needed to achieve your goals.

Play is the natural way that children understand their world, express thoughts and feelings, develop social skills and learn self-mastery. Child Centered Play Therapy is a medium for children to express their feelings, explore relationships, and talk about their experiences, wishes, anxieties, and feelings in a natural way. Children often have difficulty trying to say in words what they feel or how experiences have affected them. Through toys and art materials, children can show their inner feelings by the toys they choose and how they play with them. The Play Therapist simply observes these actions, follows the child’s lead, and allows the toys to explain what the child is going through. In addition, play allows children to feel safe and comfortable and a relationship of trust develops for the child and the Play Therapist, allowing for transformation

It is normal and natural to feel nervous or anxious at your first counseling session. We understand that it takes a lot of courage to come share your emotions and life experiences with someone you have just met. We aim to make the counseling atmosphere comfortable and free from judgment. Depending on your needs, Albemarle Counseling Group works with you to set goals, change behaviors, maximize your potential, improve relationships and make positive changes in your life.

Marriage counseling, also called couples therapy, is a type of psychotherapy. Marriage counseling helps couples — married or not — recognize and resolve conflicts and improve their relationships. Through marriage counseling, you can make thoughtful decisions about rebuilding your relationship or, in some cases, going your separate ways.

Marriage counseling is usually provided by clinical social workers or licensed therapists known as marriage and family therapists.

Marriage counseling typically includes both partners, but sometimes one partner chooses to work with a therapist alone. The specific treatment plan depends on the situation.


We take the health and well-being of our clients, families, and staff very seriously. Resultantly, we are closely monitoring the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.


As a result of COVID, our lives have changed. Our dedication to our patients has not. In seeing with current recommendations, we are now offering telehealth or online Tehran. We use a HIPAA- compliant, secure video platform.


Most healthcare plans provide coverage for teletherapy just like in-office therapy. Even if you think you don’t have coverage for telehealth, contact us, as we continue to get updates from insurance plans expanding telehealth benefits during covid-19.

We are located conveniently 2.5 miles north, past the Albemarle Hospital. Because we know that it is often difficult to be seen during the workday, we offer treatment services as late as 5:30 p.m. For most therapy services, we are able to set up an initial appointment within a couple of weeks. We do our best to give prompt, caring, confidential and most of all, helpful counseling to our clients.